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Whangarei JMB Junior Rugby Draw for Saturday 4 May 2013

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Junior rugby action at Kensington Park, Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand

While kids in Kerikeri and surrounding districts are patiently waiting for the Bay of Islands junior rugby competition to get underway, Whangarei youngsters are all set for another round of JMB junior rugby action at Kensington Park this Saturday.

For the benefit of our Whangarei readers and followers of junior rugby in Northland, here we present the Whangarei JMB Junior Rugby Draw for Saturday 4 May 2013.

Whangarei JMB Rugby Draw for Saturday 4 May 2013

Grade Team 1 Vs Team 2 Field Time
JBN Mid Northern Vs Hora Hora K10 9:00am
Hora Hora Gold Vs Manaia K7 9:00am
Hora Hora Maroon Vs Marist Green K10 9:45am
Waipu Goid Vs Kamo Magpies K7 9:45am
Kamo White Vs Kamo Ninjas K7 12:00pm
Hikurangi Vs Eastern Suburbs K10 11:15am
Old Boys Vs Marist Blue K7 11:15am
Whangaruru Vs Mid Western K10 12:00pm
Mangakahia Vs Kamo Panthers K7 10:30am
Kamo Black Vs Tikipunga K1 1/4 field 11:00am
JB1 Hikurangi Red Vs Eastern Suburbs K8 9:00am
Manaia Vs Waipu K5 9:00am
Marist Green Vs Marist Blue K8 10:00am
Hora Hora Gold Vs Mangakahia K5 10:00am
Kamo Magpies Vs Hikurangi Black K8 11:00am
Kamo White Vs Mid Northern K5 11:00am
Oid Boys Vs Mid Western K8 12:00pm
Kamo Sharks Vs City K5 12:00pm
Hora Hora Maroon Vs BYE - -
JB2 Marist Vs Eastern Suburbs K9 9:00am
City Vs Kamo White K12 11:00am
Kamo Black Vs Mid Western K9 11:00am
Waipu Vs Tikipunga K12 9:00am
Mangakahia Vs Mid Northern K9 12:00pm
JB3 Kamo Magpies Vs Old Boys Black K9 10:00am
Waipu Vs Eastern Suburbs K12 10:00am
Kamo Black Vs Manaia K12 12:00pm
Whangaruru Vs Marist Green K1 1/2 field 10:00am
Mangakahia Vs Old Boys White K1 1/2 fieid 9:00am
City Vs Marist Blue K1 1/2 Field 12:00pm
Mid Western Vs BYE - -
JB4 Old Boys White Vs Marist K11 9:00am
Hikurangi Vs Old Boys Black K2 10:00am
Kamo White Vs Mid Northern K3 9:00am
Mid Westem Vs Tikipunga K3 10:00am
Kamo Black Vs Mangakahia K2 11:00am
JB5 Marist Vs Eastern Suburbs K11 10:00am
Waipu Vs Kamo Magpies K3 11:00am
Mid Western Vs Kamo Black K3 12:00pm
Mangakahia Vs BYE - -
JB6 Hora Hora Vs Mid Western K2 9:00am
Marist Green Vs Mid Northern K11 11:00am
WBHS Black Vs WBHS Gold WBHS -
Kamo Vs Marist Blue K2 12:00pm
Old Boys Vs BYE - -

Good luck to all teams!

Kensington Park Field Layout Map 2013

Kensington Park Field Layout Map - Whangarei New Zealand

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