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New Zealand National Sevens 2013 Tournament in Queenstown

January 12th, 2013 Discuss this

Taranaki win NZ National 7's 2013 Men's Final / Manuwatu win 2013 Women's Final

2013 National men's 7s champions - Taranaki - Image courtesy At The Sevens

2013 National Men's Sevens Champions - Taranaki (Image courtesy

UPDATE: Taranaki have won a first national provincial sevens title since 1982, thumping North Harbour 32-17 in the final in Queenstown. Mark Atkins scored a hat trick for Taranaki, who led 17-0 at halftime.

In the minor finals, Auckland won the Plate, Hawkes Bay won the Bowl and Counties Manukau won the Shield.

Women's teams appeared in Queenstown for the first time. Manawatu beat Waikato 36-17 in the final.


# Kick off Match Stage
28 9.05am Tasman 34 v 0 Wairarapa Bush 3rd in Pool A v 4th in Pool B
29 9.25am Counties Manukau 12 v 17 Manawatu 3rd in Pool D v 4th in Pool C
30 9.45am Waikato 19 v 7 Canterbury 3rd in Pool C v 4th in Pool D
31 10.05am Hawkes Bay 47 v 0 South Canterbury 3rd in Pool B v 4th in Pool A
35 11.25am Auckland 19 v 21 North Harbour 1st in Pool A v 2nd in Pool B
36 11.45am Bay of Plenty 28 v 19 Southland 1st in Pool D v 2nd in Pool C
37 12.05pm Northland 10 v 27 Taranaki 1st in Pool C v 2nd in Pool D
38 12.25pm Otago 21 v 7 Wellington 1st in Pool B v 2nd in Pool A
39 12.45pm Wairarapa Bush 19 v 36 Counties Manukau Shield Semifinal
40 1.05pm Canterbury 29 v 10 South Canterbury Shield Semifinal
41 1.25pm Tasman 7 v 36 Manawatu Bowl Semifinal
42 1.45pm Waikato 10 v 35 Hawkes Bay Bowl Semifinal
46 3.10pm Auckland 26 v 12 Southland Plate Semifinal
47 3.30pm Northland 14 v 22 Wellington Plate Semifinal
48 3.50pm North Harbour 24 v 14 Bay of Plenty Championship Semifinal
49 4.10pm Taranaki 17 v 7 Otago Championship Semifinal
50 4.40pm Counties Manukau 27 v 12 Canterbury Shield Final
51 5.05pm Manawatu 7 v 38 Hawkes Bay Bowl Final
52 5.30pm Auckland 40 v 20 Wellington Plate Final
54 6.35pm North Harbour 17 v 32 Taranaki Men's Final

CLICK HERE to view complete National Pub Charity 7's Draw for Day 2


# Kick off Match
32 10.25am Auckland Women 12 v 5 Canterbury Women
33 10.45am Taranaki Women 41 v 5 Tasman Women
34 11.05am Waikato Women 10 v 26 Manawatu Women
43 2.05pm Auckland Women 5 v 14 Manawatu Women
44 2.30pm Canterbury Women 24 v 10 Tasman Women
45 2.50pm Waikato Women 29 v 5 Taranaki Women
53 6.05pm Manawatu Women 36 v 17 Waikato Women (FINAL)

Pos. Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
1st Auckland Otago Northland Bay of Plenty
2nd Wellington North Harbour Southland Taranaki
3rd Tasman Hawke’s Bay Waikato Counties-Manukau
4th South Canterbury Wairarapa Bush Manawatu Canterbury

# Kick off Match Pool
1 10.30am Taranaki 15 v 10 Counties Manukau D
2 10.50am Canterbury 14 v 17 Bay of Plenty D
3 11.10am Manawatu 5 v 12 Southland C
4 11.30am Waikato 7 v 17 Northland C
5 11.50am Wellington 26 v 12 Tasman A
6 12.10pm Auckland 21 v 14 South Canterbury A
7 12.30pm North Harbour 24 v 22 Hawke's Bay B
8 12.50pm Otago 49 v 0 Wairarapa Bush B
9 1.10pm Taranaki 15 v 19 Bay of Plenty D
10 1.30pm Canterbury 17 v 15 Counties Manukau D
11 1.50pm Manawatu 20 v 15 Northland C
12 2.10pm Waikato 21 v 31 Southland C
13 2.30pm Wellington 36 v 14 South Canterbury A
14 2.50pm Auckland 36 v 7 Tasman A
15 3.10pm Hawke's Bay 40 v 5 Wairarapa Bush B
16 3.30pm Otago 21 v 19 North Harbour B
20 4.50pm Counties Manukau 12 v 19 Bay of Plenty D
21 5.10pm Canterbury 10 v 26 Taranaki D
22 5.30pm Southland 12 v 26 Northland C
23 5.50pm Waikato 47 v 5 Manawatu C
24 6.10pm Tasman 34 v 10 South Canterbury A
25 6.30pm Auckland 40 v 10 Wellington A
26 6.50pm North Harbour 38 v 10 Wairarapa Bush B
27 7.10pm Otago 19 v 19 Hawkes Bay B

# Kick off Match Venue
55 11.10am Auckland Women 31 v 0 Tasman Women Arrowtown
56 11.30am Manawatu Women 21 v 12 Taranaki Women Arrowtown
57 11.50am Canterbury Women 19 v 26 Waikato Women Arrowtown
58 12.30pm Auckland Women 54 v 0 Taranaki Women Arrowtown
59 12.50pm Tasman Women v 29 Waikato Women Arrowtown
60 1.10pm Manawatu Women 22 v 7 Canterbury Women Arrowtown
17 3.50pm Auckland Women 7 v 15 Waikato Women Queenstown
18 4.10pm Taranaki Women 12 v 24 Canterbury Women Queenstown
19 4.30pm Tasman Women 0 v 43 Manawatu Women Queenstown

Twenty two teams competed in the revamped Pub Charity National Sevens tournament in Queenstown on 12 and 13 January 2013 - with women competing for the first time in 10 years.

Sixteen men's and six women's provincial sevens teams have qualified to compete in the annual national tournament following three regional tournaments (Southern, Central and Northern regions) held in November and December 2012.

The Sevens with Altitude organising committee have developed the New Zealand National Sevens Tournament into a strong, competitive and popular event

Remarkable Achievement

New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) General Manager Professional Rugby Neil Sorensen said the emphasis on striving for gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, had generated a lot of interest from women in the sevens game.

"This is an exciting opportunity for the women's teams with real competition for spots in the New Zealand Women's Sevens side. We know that these sevens tournaments are very popular family events, so it's great to see so many more women having a go at rugby," he said.

Both All Blacks Sevens Coach Gordon Tietjens and New Zealand Women's Sevens Coach Sean Horan will attend the tournament.

It will be the tenth year Queenstown has hosted the event with matches to be played at the Queenstown Recreational Ground and Jack Reid Park in Arrowtown.

"This is a remarkable achievement, and thanks to the efforts of the Sevens with Altitude organising committee, they have developed this tournament into a strong, competitive and popular event on the rugby calendar," Sorensen said.

The tournament moves to Rotorua for 2014 and 2015.

The Webb Ellis Cup will be on display at the tournament along with the Bledisloe Cup, and Investec Rugby Championship trophy.

The teams competing in the tournament are:

Men's: Northland, North Harbour, Auckland, Counties Manukau, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu, Wairarapa Bush, Wellington, Tasman, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Otago, Southland.

Women's: Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Manawatu, Tasman, Canterbury

The tournament will be broadcast live on SKY Sport 1, with the first match kicking off on Saturday 12 January, at 10:30am.


2013 National Sevens Pools

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Auckland Otago Waikato Canterbury
Wellington Hawke’s Bay Manawatu Taranaki
Tasman North Harbour Southland Counties-Manukau
South Canterbury Wairarapa Bush Northland Bay of Plenty

Note: Teams from the 26 Provincial Unions qualify to attend at the National Event in Queenstown. Teams that were placed in the top eight, after round robin play the previous year, have automatic right of entry into the following years event. The host union also has a right of entry. If the host union has won its right to attend by being with the top eight then their entry position goes to the winner of the bowl the previous year.

National Sevens Tournament Draw and Fixtures

Wakatipu Rugby Club, Queenstown Recreational Ground & Arrowtown Rugby Club, Jack Reid Park

Day One - Saturday 12 January 2013

# Kick off Match Location Venue
1 10.30am Taranaki v Counties Manukau (Pool D) Field One Queenstown
2 10.50am Canterbury v Bay of Plenty (Pool D) Field One Queenstown
3 11.10am Manawatu v Southland (Pool C) Field One Queenstown
55 11.10am Auckland Women v Tasman Women Field Two Arrowtown
4 11.30am Waikato v Northland (Pool C) Field One Queenstown
56 11.30am Manawatu Women v Taranaki Women Field Two Arrowtown
5 11.50am Wellington v Tasman (Pool A) Field One Queenstown
57 11.50am Canterbury Women v Waikato Women Field Two Arrowtown
6 12.10pm Auckland v South Canterbury (Pool A) Field One Queenstown
7 12.30pm North Harbour v Hawke's Bay (Pool B) Field One Queenstown
58 12.30pm Auckland Women v Taranaki Women Field Two Arrowtown
8 12.50pm Otago v Wairarapa Bush (Pool B) Field One Queenstown
59 12.50pm Tasman Women v Waikato Women Field Two Arrowtown
9 1.10pm Taranaki v Bay of Plenty (Pool D) Field One Queenstown
60 1.10pm Manawatu Women v Canterbury Women Field Two Arrowtown
10 1.30pm Canterbury v Counties Manukau (Pool D) Field One Queenstown
11 1.50pm Manawatu v Northland (Pool C) Field One Queenstown
12 2.10pm Waikato v Southland (Pool C) Field One Queenstown
13 2.30pm Wellington v South Canterbury (Pool A) Field One Queenstown
14 2.50pm Auckland v Tasman (Pool A) Field One Queenstown
15 3.10pm Hawke's Bay v Wairarapa Bush (Pool B) Field One Queenstown
16 3.30pm Otago v North Harbour (Pool B) Field One Queenstown
17 3.50pm Auckland Women v Waikato Women Field One Queenstown
18 4.10pm Taranaki Women v Canterbury Women Field One Queenstown
19 4.30pm Tasman Women v Manawatu Women Field One Queenstown
20 4.50pm Counties Manukau v Bay of Plenty (Pool D) Field One Queenstown
21 5.10pm Canterbury v Taranaki (Pool D) Field One Queenstown
22 5.30pm Southland v Northland (Pool C) Field One Queenstown
23 5.50pm Waikato v Manawatu (Pool C) Field One Queenstown
24 6.10pm Tasman v South Canterbury (Pool A) Field One Queenstown
25 6.30pm Auckland v Wellington (Pool A) Field One Queenstown
26 6.50pm North Harbour v Wairarapa Bush (Pool B) Field One Queenstown
27 7.10pm Otago v Hawkes Bay (Pool B) Field One Queenstown

Day Two - Sunday 13 January 2013

# Kick off Match Location Venue
28 9.05am 3rd in Pool A v 4th in Pool B Field One Queenstown
29 9.25am 3rd in Pool D v 4th in Pool C Field One Queenstown
30 9.45am 3rd in Pool C v 4th in Pool D Field One Queenstown
31 10.05am 3rd in Pool B v 4th in Pool A Field One Queenstown
32 10.25am Auckland Women v Canterbury Women Field One Queenstown
33 10.45am Taranaki Women v Tasman Women Field One Queenstown
34 11.05am Waikato Women v Manawatu Women Field One Queenstown
35 11.25am 1st in Pool A v 2nd in Pool B Field One Queenstown
36 11.45am 1st in Pool D v 2nd in Pool C Field One Queenstown
37 12.05pm 1st in Pool C v 2nd in Pool D Field One Queenstown
38 12.25pm 1st in Pool B v 2nd in Pool A Field One Queenstown
39 12.45pm Shield Semifinal Field One Queenstown
40 1.05pm Shield Semifinal Field One Queenstown
41 1.25pm Bowl Semifinal Field One Queenstown
42 1.45pm Bowl Semifinal Field One Queenstown
43 2.05pm Auckland Women v Manawatu Women Field One Queenstown
44 2.30pm Canterbury Women v Tasman Women Field One Queenstown
45 2.50pm Waikato Women v Taranaki Women Field One Queenstown
46 3.10pm Plate Semifinal Field One Queenstown
47 3.30pm Plate Semifinal Field One Queenstown
48 3.50pm Championship Semifinal Field One Queenstown
49 4.10pm Championship Semifinal Field One Queenstown
50 4.40pm Shield Final Field One Queenstown
51 5.05pm Bowl Final Field One Queenstown
52 5.30pm Plate Final Field One Queenstown
- 6.00pm National Anthem Field One Queenstown
53 6.05pm Women's Final (1st in RR Play v 2nd in RR Play) Field One Queenstown
- - Presentations
54 6.35pm Men's Final Field One Queenstown
- - Presentations

National Sevens Men's Squads


  • Mitch Brown
  • Mark Atkins
  • Seta Tamanivula
  • Beaudein Waaka
  • Telly Hemepo
  • Heiden Bedwell-Curtis (C)
  • Jackson Ormond
  • Rick McKenna
  • Liam McBride
  • Nathan Hohaia
  • Warwick Lahmert
  • Adrian Wyrill

Coach: Willie Rickards
Manager: Dean Spicer

Hawkes Bay

  • Trent Boswell-Wakefield
  • Isaac Paewai or Tony Lamborn
  • Adam Bradey
  • Ihaia West (C)
  • Gillies Kaka
  • Trinity Spooner-Neera
  • Martino Nemani
  • Penikolo Latu
  • Michael Vuicakau
  • Chris Eaton
  • Brad Nicol
  • Peniasi Tokakece

Manager: Conrad Waitoa
Coach: Murdoch Paewai
Trainer: Grant Dearns
Physio: Mark Nicol
Ass Manager: Leighton Ashcroft

South Canterbury

  • George Lott
  • Tyrone Hill
  • Robbie Mulvena
  • Maile I’ongi
  • Tanu Suavine
  • Nathan Robinson
  • Todd Skevington
  • Jarron Chamberlain
  • Felise Gaogao
  • Doug Hill
  • Steve Burt
  • Andrew Scarlett

Coach: Gareth Burgess
Manager: Cam Kilgour
Ass Coach: Peni Latu
Ass Manager: Michael Lang
Water: Jack Gibson
Medic: Rachael Scudamore


  • Matt Moulds
  • Keiran Black
  • Sam Dickson
  • Matt Thatcher
  • Kolio Hifo
  • Misi Salave
  • Ellery Wilson
  • Jamie Verran
  • Mark Jackman (C)
  • Jason Wright
  • Mike Davis
  • Telusa Veainu

Coach: Chris Neill
Manager: Stu Hunter
Trainer: Jason Tiatia
Physio: Peter Spall
Strapper: Steve Bishop


  • Shawn Begg (C)
  • Dan Hyatt
  • Kim Bateman
  • Mitchell Scott
  • James Lowe
  • Kaide Whiting
  • Ryan Setephano
  • Trael Joass
  • Fletcher Matthews
  • Dan Hytongue
  • Vern Fredericks
  • Sione Holani

Coach: Mike Kerrisk
Manager: Liam Squire
Trainer: Jeremy McIlroy
Physio: Phil Arthur


  • Belgium Tuatagaloa
  • Marvin Karawana
  • Joketani Korori
  • Tauasosi Tuimavave
  • Joshua Rauluni
  • Isireli Baleitavuki
  • Tupeni Kamakorewa
  • Uale Mae,
  • Matt Proctor
  • William Helu
  • Shahn Eru
  • Rolani Lepupa

Coach: Earl Va’a
Manager: Dean Simpson
Assistant Coach: Sam Rasch
Physio: Peter Matheson

Wairarapa Bush

  • Rupeni Tamanikaiyaroi (C)
  • Cameron Hayton
  • Johan Van Vliet
  • Inia Katia
  • Semesa Coka
  • Timoci Vatuloka
  • Nick Olson
  • Waisea Yabakivou
  • Corey Mcfadzean
  • Tevita Issac
  • Daryl Pickering
  • Carlos Rimene
  • Mataitini Naimusadroka
  • Nathan Hunt

Coach: Lote Raikabula
Coach: Jamie Anderson
Manager: Stacey Grant
Tech advisor: David Adamson
Physio: Louise O’Reilly


  • Shaun Curry
  • Adrian Curry
  • Jason Temara
  • Tomasi Cama
  • Karl Bryson
  • Lloyd Carter or Willie Pala’raua
  • Jade Te Rure
  • Nehi Milner-Skudder
  • George Tilsley
  • Brice Henderson
  • Craig Clare

Manager: Mike Dravitski
Coach: Paul Claridge
Ass Coach: Charles Aliva
Trainer: Scott Pinfold
Physio: Adrian Ching


  • Jose Seru
  • Sven Penwarden
  • Naulia Dawai
  • Isei Naqau
  • Taylor Adams
  • Bryan Milne
  • Cambell Smith
  • Scott Eade
  • Will Murray
  • Keanu Kahukura
  • Matt Gandy
  • Daniel Townson or Wade MacRae

Manager: Brad Downey
Coach: Elgan O’Donnell
Ass Coach: Grant Dermody
Physio: Hayden Sproat
Trainer: Mark Beer
Ass Manager: Bernie McKone
Water: Matt McKone


  • Paul Grant
  • Adam Knight,
  • Gareth Evans
  • Kieran Moffat,
  • Brad Weber
  • Apelu Alapatii,
  • Peter Breen
  • Aleki Morris,
  • Matt Faddes
  • Michael Collins,
  • Tony Ensor
  • Liam Edwards

Coach: Roy Hawker, Luke Herden
Manager: Tim Colling
Physio: Adam Lin

Bay of Plenty

  • Matt Clutterbuck
  • David Fraser
  • Elijah Nicholas
  • Curtis Van Der Heeyden
  • Adam Mcgarvey
  • Nathaniel Walker
  • Ngatai Kingi
  • Jason Hona
  • Akira Mako
  • Mason Walker
  • Zar Lawrence
  • Phil Togotogorua or Dan Hollinshead

Coach: Dean Jennings
Manager/Ass Coach: Toby Arnold
Trainer: Tony Burgess
Physio: Damien Banks


  • Matt Vant Leven
  • A.J Tuhoro
  • Kylem O’Donnell
  • Semisi Masirewa
  • Glen Robertson
  • Save Tokula
  • Luke Masirewa
  • Nanai Naturaga
  • Jono Malo
  • Joe Scheres
  • Josaan Levien
  • Kane Adams

Coach : Roger Randle
Manager: David Fox
Fitness Trainer: Todd Barker
Physio: Clarke McKenzie

Counties Manukau

  • Sean Reidy
  • Sikeli Nabou
  • Epeli Lotawa
  • David Bason
  • Lucky Palamo
  • Akuila Rokolisoa
  • Toni Pulu
  • Aaron Smith
  • Joshua Van Lieshout
  • Tyrone Lefau
  • Lolohea Loco
  • Apenisa Koroi

Coach: Reon Graham
Manager: Craig Wilcox
Ass Manager: Mike Connell
Ass Coach: Robb Graham
Physio/Trainer: Kev McQuoid


  • Joe Tupe
  • Iopu Iopu
  • Ben Lam
  • Alex Samoa
  • Milford Keresoma
  • Rocky Khan
  • Tutu Tairea
  • Edwin Cocker (C)
  • Kali Hala
  • Nathan Hughes
  • Jona Tuitoga
  • Gareth Williams-Spiers

Coach: Paul Feeney
Manager: Greg Edmonds
Tech Advisor: Waisake Sotutu
Physio: Will Geer, Fred Lait

North Harbour

  • Glenn Preston
  • Dennis Pili Gaitau
  • Viliami Fihaki
  • Philip Tuigamala
  • Kyle Nuúaliitia
  • David Raikuna (C)
  • Michael Little
  • Joshua York
  • Tevita Li
  • Jason Donnelly
  • Jimmy Tuivaiti
  • Nels Sasulu

Coach: Scott Pierce
Manager: John McKittrick
Physio: Rob Knight
Trainer: Dean Rice


  • Dan Pryor
  • Rhys Te Nana
  • Mosese Fotu
  • Kadin Te Nana
  • Tane Takulua
  • Ben Berridge
  • William Whetton
  • Tyler Lansedowne
  • Josh Brown
  • Warren Dunn
  • Mac Sykes
  • Whiria Meltzer

Manager: Brad Te Haara
Coach: Peter Nock
Trainer: Nick Collins
Physio: Tom Ralph
Asst Physio: Jun Yamaguchi

National Sevens Women's Squads

Auckland Women

  • Linda Itunu
  • Mele Hufanga
  • Lydia Crossman
  • Huriana Manuel
  • Leanne Thompson
  • Justine Lavea,
  • Conal Grant
  • Charlene Halapua
  • Tyla Nathan-Wong
  • Kayla McAlister,
  • Portia Woodman
  • Tiana Ngawati

Coach: Anna Richards
Coach: Chris Tautiaga
Manager: Monalisa Codling
Physio: Kat Collett

Canterbury Women

  • Zoey Berry
  • Olivia Bird
  • Hannah Brand
  • Kelly Brazier
  • Vicki-Lee Campbell
  • Olivia Coady
  • Kendra Cocksedge
  • Amanda Murphy
  • Erica Prescott,
  • Amiria Rule
  • Lucy Ryan
  • Ruby Tui

Coach: Ernie Goodhue
Manager: Kay Goodhue
Physio: Harriet Ashby

Manawatu Women

  • Selica Winiata
  • Kristina Sue
  • Aimee Gilbert
  • Sarah Goss
  • Hayley Hutana
  • Crystal Mayes
  • Raylene Kirk
  • Wairakau Greig
  • Stephanie Downer
  • Amy Cokayne
  • Vaine Greig
  • Shakira Baker

Coach: Stu Ross
Manager: Ian Cokayne
Asst Coach: Robert Jones
Physio: Libby McKinnon

Tasman Women

  • Ange Cotton
  • Moana Forbes
  • Jodi Hikuroa
  • Fern Hoskin
  • Alesha Curtis
  • Zoe Johnson
  • Jess Drummond
  • Hayley Hurring
  • Hazel Tubic
  • Yakira Taituha
  • Dana Wilson
  • Courtney Ocallahan

Coach: Shawn Begg
Coach: Cyril Collier
Manager: Tracey Black
Trainer: Chez Bloxham
Physio: Phil Arthur

Taranaki Women

  • Brooke Sim
  • Badin-Lee Munro-Smith
  • Neesha Barrett
  • Lauren Burgess
  • Gayle Broughton
  • Michaela Blyde,
  • Claire Rowat
  • Erika Maifea,
  • Jess Fowell
  • Laura Lobb,
  • Aimee Sutorius
  • Aleisha Henry
  • Victoria Mccullough

Manager: Sara Rosser
Ass Manager: Cherry Blyde
Coach: Brendan Haami

Waikato Women

  • Azania Watene
  • Carla Hohepa
  • Chelsea Alley
  • Chyna Hohepa or Ariana Hira-Herangi
  • Crystal Kaua,
  • Francea Hansen
  • Honey Hireme,
  • Jordon Webber
  • Racqual Anderson
  • Teresa Te Tamaki
  • Victoria Grant,
  • Brittany Coates

Coach: Reuben Samuel
Manager: Nicola Marii

2013 Tournament Referees, Touch Judges & Officials

Tournament Referees

Grant Stuart (Waikato)
James Doleman (Otago)
Brendon Pickerill (North Harbour),
Cameron Stone (Taranaki)
Michael Lash (Southland)
Miah Williams (Thames Valley)
Bryan Arciero (Canada),
Jessica Beard (Counties Manukau)
Natarsha Ganley (North Harbour)
Assistant Referees
Adam Morrison (Otago)
Blair Barclay (Canterbury)
Bevan Newlands (South Canterbury)
Gareth Reed (Otago)
Kevin Opele (Mid Canterbury)
Carl Johnson (Canterbury)

In-Goal Judges: - (Otago)

T. Gaston
A. Laughton
M. Green
R. Hill
S. Ridley
D. Assher

Substitution Management /Control: - (Otago)

D. Burton
S. Watt
E. Muir
I. Fraser
S. Geddes
S. Bell

Timekeepers: - (Otago)

M. Kinaston H. Kinaston
K. Davidson
N. Davidson

New Zealand Rugby Union & Otago Rugby Football Union Messages


On behalf of the New Zealand Rugby Union, it is my great pleasure to welcome you all to the 2013 Pub Charity Rugby Sevens tournament.

This will be the tenth tournament held in Queenstown since the National Sevens began in 1976 and there is a new and expanded format in place providing more matches, excitement and provincial rivalry as well as the inclusion of Arrowtown as a venue. Sixteen men's and six women's provincial sevens teams will be competing, following three regional qualifying tournaments held in November and December 2012.

The 2013 Pub Charity Rugby Sevens is a competitive and popular event on the rugby calendar and in its 10 years in Queenstown, the tournament has grown into a tremendous showcase for New Zealand's Sevens talent as well as a great opportunity for players, coaches, officials and administrators to test themselves and bring home some silverware.

This is a significant year for Rugby Sevens on the international stage as we look towards the Rugby World Cup Sevens, which are being held in June this year in Moscow, and beyond to the Olympics in 2016. Both All Blacks Sevens Coach Gordon Tietjens and New Zealand Women's Sevens Coach Sean Horan will be here, keeping a keen eye on proceedings.

Thank you to Pub Charity and the other sponsors for their support of the tournament, the Otago Rugby Union for hosting the event, the Sevens with Altitude organisers and the Otago Country rugby clubs and all the volunteers for their efforts in ensuring that the tournament is a success. You have set a high standard for subsequent hosts to achieve, including Rotorua as the tournament moves to Bay of Plenty for 2014 and 2015.

I would like to wish the participating teams and the match officials the best of luck. I trust that everyone here will enjoy the fun and excitement of this weekend's action.

Bryan Williams
NZRU President


It is a great honour to welcome all players and supporters to Queenstown for another year of the Pub Charity National Sevens Competition. This is the tenth time this very popular tournament has been played in Queenstown.

Queenstown has proved to be a popular destination for both visiting teams and spectators.

The outstanding scenery is matched by exciting sevens which ensures two entertaining days rugby for us all.

Good luck to all participating teams

Adrian Read
ORFU President

In the News and On the Web


Northern Advocate - Jan 15, 2013

Northland's sevens team set a goal last week of making the top eight at the national sevens tournament in Queenstown, and they delivered.

The weekend's seventh placing was pleasing for team management, with Northland manager Brad Te Haara adding it was a vast improvement on last year's 13th.

"Topping our pool was probably the best result we could get from day one," Te Haara said.

Throughout Northland's build-up they had focused on hitting the ground running and after beating Waikato 17-7 in their first game, Northland let the foot off the throttle.

"We lost to Manawatu but were in a position to win," Te Haara said. "We didn't prepare well and that showed on the field. We improved in the second half but ultimately ran out of time."

Learning from their mistake, Northland prepared differently for their must-win match against the previously undefeated Southland.

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Northern Advocate - Jan 14, 2013

Northland's sevens team has delivered on their promise of making the top eight, finishing seventh out of 16 at the national sevens tournament in Queenstown.

Northland won their first game against Waikato, who they had not beaten in their build up, 17-7 thanks largely to a brace of tries to captain Will Whetton.

Northland couldn't continue their run as they went down to Manawatu 20-15 before knocking over the previously unbeaten Southland 26-12 to finish top of the their pool.

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Otago Daily Times - Jan 12, 2013

No-one could have predicted day one of the National Rugby Sevens in Queenstown as two hot favourites bowed out of the competition early and the minnows stood their ground.

Tomorrow Waikato and Canterbury will battle in a match that means nothing for the championship, but plenty for the rugby provinces' pride.

Canterbury lost all three of its pool D matches leaving New Zealand Sevens coach Gordon Tietjens equally surprised on the sidelines.

"There were a few upsets for sure, but that is a real credit to the smaller unions putting in some real effort to this game.

"Canterbury were down to nine players at one stage and unfortunately they're not in the championship tomorrow."

Tietjens was most impressed with the minnow squads such as Northland, who began well by ruining Waikato's day 17-7 before losing to Manawatu 20-5 and beating Southland 26-12.

Other surprises were Southland's run to the playoffs through beating Manawatu 12-5 and Waikato 31-21 before going down to Northland.

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Stuff (Rugby Heaven) - Jan 12, 2013

Auckland have dominated the national sevens finals in Queenstown over the past decade and hope to sign off on their time in the resort town with another title this weekend.

They have won 11 national sevens crowns since the tournament began in 1975, three more than the next-best team, North Harbour. Since the tournament has been hosted in Queenstown they have won six of the nine events staged there.

The Bay of Plenty Rugby Union has won the right to stage the next two tournaments in Rotorua.

"Teams come down here to win the tournament and we are no different," Auckland coach Paul Feeney said yesterday.

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Otago Daily Times - Jan 11, 2013

For 10 years you have entertained us, thrilled us, left us with sunburned shoulders and kept some of us out late at night.

This weekend, after 10 years, Queenstown will farewell the National Rugby Sevens, which is heading to Rotorua. But before the curtain comes down, Queenstown still has one more weekend of fun.

Everything is running in Otago's favour this year. The team has more motivation than any other side to win the tournament as it plays host for the last time for at least two years and will seek redemption after bowing out just one short of becoming 2012 champion.

The team will also be brimming with confidence after winning last year's regional qualifying tournament in Timaru.

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Otago Daily Times - Jan 11, 2013

It may be the last time Queenstown hosts the national sevens tournament for some time, but there is also an exciting first.

The New Zealand Rugby Union has included women's teams in the provincial tournament for the first time with a long-term view to the sport's debut at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Six teams - Auckland, Tasman, Taranaki, Canterbury, Waikato and Manawatu - will compete in Arrowtown and Queenstown this weekend.

NZRU general manager of public affairs Nick Brown said the inclusion of sevens as an Olympic sport presented an exciting opportunity for the growth and profile of the game, especially for women.

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Otago Daily Times - Jan 11, 2013

Three exciting players will be making their debuts for Otago in the national sevens tournament in Queenstown this weekend.

Michael Collins, Liam Edwards and Aleki Morris have been key players in the Otago Boys' High School First XV at different times over the past three years.

Collins played for New Zealand Schools in 2011, and last year was in the winning Taieri premier club team and made his debut for the Otago ITM Cup team.

Edwards has been a prolific scorer for the Dunedin premier club over the past two years and made a big impact when playing for South Canterbury in the Heartland Championship. He topped the points scoring in the competition with 144 points, including 10 tries.

Aleki Morris was a dangerous midfield back and prolific try-scorer in the Otago Boys' team that reached the national final last winter. He scored 34 tries.

The other newcomers in the sevens team are rugged flanker Gareth Evans, Adam Knight, Apelu Alapati and Peter Breen, who had an impressive ITM Cup debut last year.

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New Zealand Herald - Jan 11, 2013

Female players put up their own money to help cover cost of trip south, but rugby bosses deny it's sexism.

The Waikato women's sevens rugby team are digging into their own pockets to play at a national tournament while their male counterparts go free.

But the Waikato Rugby Union says the women knew their trip would not be fully paid for, as it fends off accusations of sexism. The team is playing in the Pub Charity Rugby Sevens tournament in Queenstown this weekend - the first in a decade to include women.

WRU chief executive Graham Bowen said the union had made a loan to the Mooloo women's team so they could travel, and expected them to pay it back within three months.

The union paid some money towards flights and food for the team, but the players would have to pay about $200 each. The union had not budgeted for a women's team in Queenstown because there had not been a Waikato women's NPC team for six years until last year.

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The Southland Times - Jan 11, 2013

Southland Times sports editor Nathan Burdon looks back at the past nine years of national sevens tournaments in Queenstown.

2004: Queenstown hosts the national sevens tournament for the first time, reviving a tournament which had fallen into disrepair after four years in Palmerston North.

North Harbour went through unbeaten, including a 48-7 win over surprise finalist Otago. The Harbour team featured veterans Karl Te Nana and Matua Parkinson and a young Rudi Wulf, who scored two tries in the final and won the Joe Tauiwi Memorial Trophy as the player of the tournament.

Southland didn't fare so well, a drinking incident involving some of the players leading to an under-par second day at the tournament. An embarrassed Rugby Southland instituted a drinking ban for its representative players for the remainder of the season.

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The Timaru Herald - Jan 10, 2013

A freak barbecue accident has cost a South Canterbury player his place at the national sevens, while his replacement was hand-picked by New Zealand coach Gordon Tietjens.

Waikato-based loan player Atu Masirewa joined the South Canterbury squad last night to begin preparing for the national tournament in Queenstown after original loan player Stephen Burt was badly burnt when his barbecue blew up over the holidays.

He required hospital treatment, ruling him out of the nationals.

The burns required hospital treatment and ruled the South Canterbury Heartland Championship centre out of the tournament.

Masirewa, a winger, was part of the Waikato Under-23 team last year. His brother, Luke, will play for Waikato this weekend.

South Canterbury manager Cam Kilgour said the Morrinsville Sports Club player would add size and speed.

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Mountain Scene - Jan 10, 2013

A respected long-time rugby commentator is surprised and disappointed that Queenstown’s lost the National Sevens hosting rights.

Tony Johnson, commenting on the final Queens­town tournament this weekend, says: “I’m really sad that it’s moving on, I really am.”

The New Zealand Rugby Union last month announced Rotorua had won the tender to host the 2014 and 2015 tournaments.

NZRU chief executive Steve Tew stated at the time: “We need greater capacity to cater for future expansion of the tournament both in terms of grounds and spectator facilities.”

However, Johnson counters: “I don’t think it’s outgrown Queens­town at all.”

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The Northern Advocate - Jan 10, 2013

With Northland's Sevens team now named, it's up to the 12-strong group to turn it on and hit the ground running at this weekend's national sevens tournament in Queenstown.

While the team is spearheaded by Taniwha loosies William Whetton and Dan Pryor, it also includes the dynamic duo of Whiria Meltzer and 17-year-old Josh Browne alongside some Northland club rugby stalwarts.

Northland manager Brad Te Haara believes Whetton and Pryor will be watched closely by All Blacks Sevens coach Gordon Tietjens, along with Meltzer who attracted Tietjens' attention last weekend at the Mt Maunganui sevens tournament.

"Will Whetton was already on the radar, [but] Dan Pryor should be another," Te Haara said. "[Pryor] is not flashy but does the grunt work and is always taking the kick offs cleanly."

In contrast to Pryor, Browne and Meltzer were described by Te Haara as serious young sevens prospects with their speed and skillset - after Browne announced his presence at the Northern Region qualifying competition by stepping three defenders late in their match against North Harbour, one of whom was former Blues player David Raikuna.

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Waikato Daily Times - Jan 9, 2013

New Zealand Sevens team star Tim Mikkelson has not been released and big forward Rory Grice is still recovering from an ankle injury but Waikato Sevens coach Roger Randle is excited by the lineup he will take to Queenstown this weekend.

Randle has named a strong looking 12-man squad for the National Sevens Tournament on Saturday and Sunday to be captained by former national team player Save Tokula, who returns after a couple of years' absence.

The team was finalised on Sunday after Waikato were beaten in the final of the Bay of Plenty Invitational Sevens by Auckland at Mt Maunganui.

So difficult was the final selection that in the end the Waikato captain for the last few years, Steve Ketu, missed the cut.

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Manawatu Standard - Jan 4, 2013

Manawatu have their final dress rehearsal at the Bay of Plenty provincial sevens this weekend, before heading to the nationals in Queenstown next week.

After qualifying for the nationals when they were beaten finalists at the Central region tournament last month, Manawatu men's coach Paul Claridge wanted a good hitout at Mt Maunganui tomorrow before the big one.

"This is the tournament we don't want to win," Claridge said. "We're treating this time as a final trial."

There have been a few changes since last month's Central region tournament where Manawatu were runners-up.

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Bay of Plenty Times - Jan 3, 2013

Bay of Plenty will be hoping they can break their run of near misses and claim the title of New Zealand's top men's sevens team when the revamped national sevens tournament plays out in Queenstown on January 12-13.

Twenty-two teams will be at the tournament, with women competing for the first time in 10 years.

Sixteen men's and six women's provincial sevens teams have qualified to compete in the annual national tournament following three regional tournaments (Southern, Central and Northern regions) held in November and December.

The tournament moves to Rotorua for 2014 and 2015, where it was previously held in 1997 and 1998, and Bay of Plenty fans would love to support their hometown heroes next year as defending champions.

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Mountain Scene - Dec 27, 2012

Arrowtown is to debut as co-host of the National Sevens rugby tournament.

Arrowtown’s Jack Reid Park will share the tournament with the Queenstown Recreation Ground next month to accommodate the addition for the first time of six provincial women’s teams.

Six women’s games will be played there on the first day, January 12.

The first game, between Auckland and Tasman, will be at 11.10am and the last game, between Manawatu and Canterbury, is scheduled for 1.10pm. Entry for the Arrowtown games will be free.

Queenstown, meanwhile, hosts the rest of the tournament – which also features 16 men’s teams – on both January 12 and 13. The Queenstown entry fee is $10.

This will be the 10th National Sevens staged by the local Sevens with Altitude committee.

New Zealand Rugby Union this month announced that it has awarded Rotorua the following two tournaments.

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The Nelson Mail - Dec 24, 2012

There will be no second helpings of Christmas pudding for the Tasman Sevens squad members tomorrow, as they build towards the National Sevens tournament in Queenstown next month.

The Tasman Rugby Union has announced the squads that will compete for the men's and women titles, under the watchful eyes of the national selectors.

Tasman men's coach Mike Kerrisk said training would continue during the festive season. "We are taking two very young teams that will not carry as much experience as past teams, but it is a chance to pit themselves against the best and take every opportunity possible."

Twenty-two teams will compete in the revamped National Sevens tournament on January 12-13, with women competing for the first time in 10 years.

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Wairarapa Times Age - Dec 21, 2012

Wairarapa-Bush will be very much the minnows in their pool at the national sevens rugby tournament to be played in Queenstown on January 12-13.

They will face home side Otago in their opening game, followed by Hawke's Bay and North Harbour. Wairarapa-Bush can, however, take heart from the fact they have already shown they can foot it with the big guns on the sevens scene.

They qualified for the nationals by placing fourth at the central region tournament in Palmerston North last weekend and probably provided the major talking point of that entire event when they upset Wellington 26-17. And they did it the hard way, fighting back after conceding two early tries.

Whether they will have the services of their coach, New Zealand sevens star Lote Raikabula, at the Queenstown tourney remains to be seen. National squad members were not allowed to play in Palmerston North and that could be the case again.

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Otago Daily Times - Dec 21, 2012

Otago, which made it through to the final of the tournament in January this year, is drawn to face North Harbour, Wairarapa-Bush and Hawkes Bay in its pool.

Otago won the southern regional final in Timaru last month but would have qualified for the national tournament anyway as it hosts the event. The tournament takes place on January 12-13.

Otago will start with a game against Wairarapa-Bush, followed by North Harbour, which is always competitive.

The home team will play the final game of the opening day against Hawkes Bay.

Hawkes Bay may be one of the teams to beat at the tournament as it won the central regional tournament last week, beating Manawatu in the final.

Defending champion Auckland has been drawn in the same pool as South Canterbury, Tasman and Wellington.

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Attention Campers! - Recreation Ground Preserved for Sevens

(Friday, 21 December 2012) - Over flow camping will not be allowed to spill onto the Queenstown Recreation Ground this New Year’s Eve, Queenstown Lakes District, Mayor Vanessa van Uden said.

“I was approached by the Rugby Seven Tournament organisers, who relayed to me just how incompatible the two activities of camping and tournament rugby were - from there it was an easy decision to make,” Mayor van Uden said.

The recreation ground was first opened up to campers for the Millennium celebrations and the practice had continued unchecked since.

“There are other options for campers overnight that don’t put national rugby sevens players at risk,” Mayor van Uden said.

Seven’s organisers would spend days on hands and knees picking glass and metal out of the field in the wake of New Year’s campers, with the tournament kicking off in early January.

“Once I was made aware of the situation the decision was a no brainer, there is no way we can put players of that calibre at risk, or for that matter, any players,” Mayor van Uden said.

Council was aware that New Year’s Eve accommodation traditionally reached capacity but other options were available.

“We can accommodate overflow at Arrowtown Camp Ground and there are DOC camping grounds at Moke Lake and the 12 Mile Delta, only a very short drive from Queenstown,” Mayor van Uden said.

The decision would mean that people would have to think a bit more about plans and either ensure they had a sober driver or catch a bus or taxi.

Security guards would be on duty at the recreation ground at New Year to advise would-be campers of the other options available to them.


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